Diesel Generator Sets

Manufacturers of portable gensets and associated equipment

Nichol McKay manufactures and assembles high quality generation set equipment and components for global distribution.

Portable and temporary power generation set equipment may be used in all sorts of environments. To withstand the most challenging conditions, the parts we produce for gensets must be exceptionally durable. Quality control and assurance are never more important than in the power supply sector, and certain new genset products – diesel tanks, for instance – are 100% tested.

We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and put parts into production promptly. At every stage of the process we build in longevity and durability. Because we work with our customers long-term, we often find ways to improve upon initial designs over time.

Power generation equipment

A complete service approach lets us provide our genset customers with the highest quality products. Offering finishing on top of fabrication, machining and assembly allows us to deliver final parts that will withstand many more years of use. A quality paint finish can add significantly to the lifetime of generation set equipment and components.

For generator sets, Nichol McKay delivers the following products:

•    chassis (bases)
•    diesel tanks
•    engine supports
•    alternator supports
•    assembled canopies
•    control panel


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