Off Highway Equipment

Nichol McKay is a strategic supply partner to manufacturers of high quality Off Highway machinery.

Off Highway machinery that works outside constantly has to be extremely robust. It’s one of the reasons we take a complete service approach to the manufacture of heavy duty engineering products and assemblies. By doing so, we can build in durability and longevity at every stage of the production process.

Accurate engineering is critical, so we invest heavily in new product introduction. Every part that passes through our facility has an individual route card that specifies its individual quality control checkpoints. Offering finishing as well as fabrication, machining and assembly helps too. A quality paint finish can add significantly to the lifetime of a piece of plant or machinery. So we introduce only the best products to our customers’ supply chains. Close working relationships with all of our customers allow us to understand your needs and respond quickly and effectively. We’re proactive about improving our processes too, whether it involves investing in new plant for our production facility, developing our internal processes or suggesting enhancements to engineering designs for off highway machinery components.

Agricultural machinery

For manufacturers of Off Highway machinery, Nichol McKay produces:

  • Chassis Assemblies
  • Dumper Skips
  • Vented Tank Lids
  • Drive Covers
  • Mounting Beams
  • Guards
  • Gear Box Covers    


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