Laser Cutting

Nichol McKay uses laser cutting to deliver highly precise and aesthetic products with minimal wastage and heat input. Because the finished parts require no finishing, turnaround is fast.

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Our laser cutting processes are fast and extremely flexible. Although our focus is predominantly steel, lasers can be used to cut other ferrous metals as well as all manner of non-ferrous materials.

Nichol McKay’s two Trumpf L3030 lasers are an invaluable addition to our production facility, enabling us to laser cut mild steel up to 16mm thick, stainless steel up to 15mm and aluminium up to 12mm.

We have also invested in a Trumpf L4030 laser with RotoLas capabilities: with this we can laser cut pipes up to 150mm in diameter and with a wall thickness of up to 12mm.

Laser cutting plant

  • Trumpf L3030: 4kW laser, 3050 x 1530  capacity
  • Trumpf L3030: 4kW laser, 3050 x 1530  capacity
  • Trumpf L4030: 3.2kW laser, 4090 x 2000  capacity, with RotoLas


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