Brake Press

Nichol McKay has invested in a full range of brake presses to fold even extremely heavy and large materials.

Nichol McKay operates six brake press machines ranging in capacity from 30 tonnes to  220 tonnes.  With capability to fold materials up to 4 metres in length.

Our newest brake press is fitted with an easy form laser and the latest crowning technology. It can be programmed via our CAD system, resulting in an exceptional quality of manufacture that’s infinitely repeatable.

Self-clinching fasteners dispensed by our fastener insertion press provide a popular alternative to weld studs. Greater accuracy and strength of the finished assembly is achievable using this method.

Brake press


Brake Presses:

  • Amada HFT170-3          -     170-tonne    -     3m length
  • Amada HFT50-20          -     50-tonne      -     2m length
  • LVD PPRM 35                -     35-tonne     -     electric
  • LVD PPEB 80-25            -     80-tonne      -     2.5m length
  • LVD PPEB-EFL 80-25     -    80-tonne      -    2.5m length (with easy form laser)
  • LVD PPEB-EFL 220-40   -    220-tonne    -    4m length (with easy form laser)

Miscellaneous presses:

  • Pem Fastening machine
  • Haeger 824 insertion press


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