Plant / Capacity List

Laser Cutting Plant

Trumpf L3030: 4kW laser, 3050 x 1530 x 15mm capacity

Trumpf L3030: 4kW laser, 3050 x 1530  capacity

Trumpf L4030: 3.2kW laser, 4090 x 2000  capacity, with RotoLas

Profile Burning Plant

Two Messer Cortina AR 4 head gas profiling burners - ,  18m capacity x 100mm

Two Messer Multitherms 4 head gas profiling burners - 20.3 metre capacity

Grindmaster fettling machine

Punching Plant

Trumpf TruPunch 3000: 18-tonne, 21-tool, 3050x1525x4mm mild steel & 6mm aluminium capacity with Sheetmaster automated loading, unloading and part sorting.

Machining Plant

Mazak HCN6800-II Horizontal Machining Center with Twin Pallets – Pallet Size: 630 x 630mm

Doosan MVNX 7500 Vertical Machining Center (Extended Guarding) – Table Size: 1600 x 750mm

Doosan MVNX 7500 Vertical Machining Center – Table Size 1600 x 750mm

Doosan VC500 Vertical Machining Center with Twin Pallets – Table Size 860 x 560mm

Tool-Making Plant

Gate PBM Super Vertical Turret Mill

Gate G430 TCX Centre Lathe

Brake Presses

Amada HFT170-3          -     170-tonne    -     3m length

Amada HFT50-20          -     50-tonne      -     2m length

LVD PPRM 35                -     35-tonne     -     electric

LVD PPEB 80-25            -     80-tonne      -    2.5m length

LVD PPEB-EFL 80-25     -    80-tonne      -    2.5m length (with easy form laser)

LVD PPEB-EFL 220-40   -    220-tonne    -    4m length (with easy form laser)

Longer assemblies via Sub-Contract Supply Partner 


Pem Fastening machine

Haeger 824 insertion press

Robotic Welding Plant

Motoman TSG-06 robotic system: 11 axis

Motoman ARC-6500 robotic system: twin station, with piston track

Motoman VMH-2000 robotic system: 9 axis, twin head, twin station

IGM twin table: 500 Amp

IGM twin table 500 Amp

Manual Welding

Our vast expertise in manual welding and our many welding plants on site together give Nichol McKay the versatility to tackle any task. We can take care of all MIG, TIG, stud, spot and projection welding needs.

Shot-Blasting Plant

Wheelabrator shot blaster: 800kg load capacity, 2m3 size capacity

Manual shot blaster: 6m L x 2.5m H x 2.5m W

Powder Coating

Our fully automated powder coating system uses a three-stage iron phosphate pre-treatment. We can also apply two stage powder systems. Capacity 3.2m L x 1.3m H x 1m W

Wet Painting

To meet customer demand, we operate two wet painting plants, one plant is a semi-automated 2 stage indexing system. Again, this reduces waste and maximises our wet paint capacity, letting us offer a faster turnaround than we could with an entirely manual system. However, to ensure maximum quality, we always hand-finish components. Capacity 4m L x 1.6m H x 1.6m W

Our second wet paint plant is for very large components and comprises a very large spray booth with separate oven.
Capacity 9m L x 4m H x 4m W capable of painting a 20' ISO Containerised Housing.