Robotic welding technology enables significant cost efficiencies in Nichol McKay’s production line. For versatility, our manual welding department offers MIG, TIG, stud, spot and projection welding.

Robotic welding

We’ve installed the latest robotic welding technology to deliver our customers remarkably consistent and precise welds. Because the robotic systems are fully automated, welding can be sustained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So we can provide exceptional results, 100% of the time.

Each of our four robotic systems operates with twin stations: as one station is welding, the other is loading. It’s an expertly planned set-up that saves crucial time and ensures maximum productivity.

Robotic welding plant

  • Motoman TSG-06 robotic system: 11 axis
  • Motoman ARC-6500 robotic system: twin station, with piston track
  • Motoman VMH-2000 robotic system: 9 axis, twin head, twin station
  • IGM twin table: 500 Amp
  • IGM twin table Rti 456-S

Manual welding

Our vast expertise in manual welding and our many welding plants on site together give Nichol McKay the versatility to tackle any task. We can take care of all MIG, TIG, stud, spot and projection welding needs.

A professional and dedicated approach to every job ensures that our welders continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of accuracy and consistency.


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